Our mission:

We believe that community is an integral part of healing and artistic growth. Through curating intimate, intentionally small digital and in-person poetry and art spaces for Black creatives, we aim to collectively process and heal the trauma of racism and anti-blackness.

We recognize that our Blackness is tied to multiple experiences and encourage participants to join with the intention of healing from the trauma of racism, capitalism, ableism, gender-based violence, transphobia, body-shaming & fatphobia, homophobia, and other forms of oppression.


Personal/Gender Pronouns, What are They?

$300 | 1.5 HRS

This introductory training is a guide on what diverse pronouns are, and why they are important to acknowledge, particularly in spaces accessed by the public. This is a great resource for multigenerational groups, LGBTQ+ allies who want to learn more, and workspaces that want to begin or expand conversations around diversity and inclusion.

BIAP Founder, Sharebear, has facilitated this training for the following organizations: